Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pushing through the fatigue, Excited for Rest!

Yesterday we had our last full day of ministry with NYSUM. We woke up Saturday Am, with very little sleep. It was clearly evident that if given the choice, many of the teens would opt for the "rest day" to be Saturday instead of Sunday. However we did not have that choice. We were encouraged that God wouldn't give us more than we could handle, and that we would really have to depend on His strength for the day!

AM Teams

- One team partnered with another church who held a "Lord of the Harvest" festival. there tasks were ushering and providing clowns and facepainters for the kids. Also Elie Pastor Barry and Major were out on the streets inviting people to the festival. While in that process, they were able lead a man to Jesus!!!!! God is so good!

- Another team went to "St. John's Bread of Life" for a workday. Those students were asked to clean the entire kitchen which was about the size of the commons room. It included degresing all the ovens, the exhaust fans, cleaning the grill, dusting the entire dinning area, etc. For those who have ever worked in a professional kitchen, it is not an easy task. Again, our kids worked hard, they stayed positive, and really did a great job!

PM Teams.

The night ministry went absolutely Amazing! Have the team ministered to women in a rehab home (Similar to teen challenge) and the other half ministered to a coffee house for homeless in manhattan.

At the end of the night, the Kids realized that though we are week, we God calls us to push through, he is our provider of all Good things!

Sorry this is short. We are leaving right now to relax in NYC and see the sights. We are going back to Brooklyn Tabernacle for a 3:30 service and then out for dinner. We are excited for a rest day. Kids slept in, and we are feeling refreshed already!

Pray for safety as we are out today. Pray for no rain and good weather. Pray that we have a time of joy as we rest in our Lord. Pray that the service today would seal all the good things that God has been doing in our hearts!!!

Love to you all

Pastor Devin

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