Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Heading out to Belize

On Friday Morning - July 30th - at 5am, 27 of us will be heading to the airport for our flight to Belize. If its possible, I will be updating this blog for that trip as well. The organization will also be blogging about us. You can check their blog out at Look for the link for Calvary Assembly of God Church. Below is a list of our Prayer request for our trip!

Pray for safety - Fights, from sicknesses, malaria, Hepatitis, Typhod, food, any evil people who might try and hurt us.

Pray for travel mercy - all flights are on time, that we have no issues with customs – that we don’t miss flights. That no one gets sick on the plan. That the plane rides are smooth, etc. That no one looses their passport.

Pray for the Leaders, Barry, Wayne, Beth, Dave, Sid, Bob L, Myself, Joe and Casey... Also my wife – God made a way for her to Go. Please pray for her and for our kids as we leave them for 8 days! Pray that He would give all the Leaders amazing Strength and endurance on this trip and leading up to the trip!

Pray for the other students - girls - Daniella, Emily, Tina, Victoria, Jacky, Jasel, Cierra, Marcia, Joanne, Timae/ Boys - Micah, James, Elie, Kory, Andrew B, Erik, Josh, Michael O.

Pray that he would use each one of us in a unique way and that we would all be in his purpose!!!!

Pray for divine connections - The people we meet. The kids, the youth, the adults, the people in the nursing homes, the hospital, the orphans, the church members!

Pray for the other youth group that we are working with. - From New Covenant in California. Youth Pastor's name is Sonny Martini. Pray for them as they prepare. Pray that God would unify us. Pray that it wouldn't be our team and their team, but that God would mold us together and we would form the body of Christ.

Pray for the Belize Church - West Side Assembly of God - and for their church congregation. Pray that we would encourage them refresh them, and be used to help spread the gospel. Pray that we would be unified with the pastor and the vision of the church and be a blessing to them.

Pray for the Praying Pelican Leaders (or missions organization). They have been leading trips all summer. Pray that God refreshes them and that he would use them as they lead and guide us.

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