Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Camp....Drawing us Closer to Him and to each other

From June 21st throug June 25th, our NYC Missios team traveled to Honey Brook PA for Hopewell Summer Camp. There the students had lots of fun playing sports, learning archery, riding horses, etc. But each day we amazing times of growing in our faith and having our hearts "stirred" for the passion Jesus has for others and for his kingdom. We were taught that we need not wait for others to cry out and seek God, but we can start on our own, and God longs to use us for his Kingdom.

Also each day we spent time as a missions team working on focus, team building and leadership skills. Some of the meetings were fustrating, trying to overcome "challenges" that were in our way. But with dedication and focus, and God's help we pushed through. It taught us a lot about what we will need for our mission ahead of us!

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