Monday, July 26, 2010

Thoughts from JoAnna Ayala

My God moments on the Missions Trip were during everything that happened. But I think the greatest was during the sub-way evangelism. For me, it was overcoming a fear of talking one-on-one with a new person and not being afraid to stand out in public (like dancing to “Father Abraham” while the train was moving). For others, I think it was the fact that there were young people willing to lend an open ear to hear what they would like to say for a chance.
My heroes on the trip have to be Charles and Angel. Charles because he was able to make it through five days of controlling teenagers in a different state and getting them through everything with no trouble. Before the trip he was saying how being a leader like that would be something new to him and I think he did a great job at it ☺. Angel because he was always so willing to be used in whatever way God needed. On the sub-way and feeding the homeless, the two most nerve racking experiences, he was always the first one that I saw find someone and just begin a conversation. For all I knew, he could have been the most nervous person to do it, but from what I saw, he was the one with the most courage.
This trip was an AMAZING experience and I’m glad I did it with the group I was with. It was definitely one of the high points in my life.

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