Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So many thanks!!!!

Central Park on Sunday!!!!

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all those who supported us and prayed for this trip. There are so many of you out there. Church family, friends, relatives, other students in Remix.....THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU. I also want to thank the leadership of the NYC team. As the person who is overall responsible for this trip, I can honestly say that I can not do it by myself. I would crumble under the pressure of all the needs of a trip this size without the many supporters and leaders who took time, energy resources love and finances and gave to make this trip happen. Again...Thank you!!!

My Experience and My Testimony from NYC. I saw God work in so many ways. I think the biggest way was to see the students overcome there fears, and in that moment see God work through them. We have been quoting and trusting in the verse in 2 Timothy 1:7 - "God did not give us a Spirit of Fear, but of Power, Love, and Self Discipline". But to see our team stand on it - and put it into action, - and come out on the other side is truly a faith building thing. My "God Sighting" on the trip was when I was nervous about talking to someone on the subway when we first got on. The first person I talked to was a college student who was studying to be an accountant. When I shared I was a CPA his face light up. It was a confirmation to me I was right were I needed to be. My hero was all the Leaders.....Why? They served we humbly all week, giving up there comforts, and constantly poured into the kids. From Sophia playing games with the girls to 2 am, to Christian loving on the boys and giving it to them when they needed it, to Wendi being the Loving mom that everyone loves and draws energy from, to Taryn leading worship when no one else could, or to Charles and his complete servant attitude with amazing care for the boys! Love you guys and couldn't have done it without them!

Thanks again everyone!
Thankful to the Lord most of all!!!

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