Monday, July 26, 2010

Thoughts from Wendi Englehart (leader)

Wendi and Talia at the VBS on Saturday

First and foremost I was amazed and blown away by our group, we had a younger group and they came through. The tasks at times were a stretch for seasoned Christians, the ability today in these times to walk up to complete strangers and not only just say hello but, ask them where they stand with the Lord Jesus, it just blew me away. The acts were sincere and the compassion was so clearly visible.

I had so many God sightings to try and put into words I would have to write a book, and, I may someday.

That being said, Our Leader, Our Pastor -the Love and desire to change these kids is so evident in everything he did and said. His example, he walks the walk and he does in a way that is silent, strong and steady.

I have to say being born into a Christian home and being the daughter of a Southern Baptist Deacon I can forget and be humbled by the lesson God provides, but, let me tell you my heart grew, my Love for God grew and I will be forever changed. I can only hope and pray that this will continue for, well - forever.

My prayer for the next mission’s trip – Belize, I pray for Safety first and foremost, I pray for open hearts because he is with you, and I pray you have the most awesome experience ever. Believe and you will see.

Tuesday’s Living Bread tells us that “Grace is what our holy God gives that we as sinful people don’t deserve.
Thank God for his Grace.

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