Thursday, July 15, 2010

Overcoming our Fears, Sharing His Love

Waiting on the Subway in Manhattan - Ready to Go back to queens

P. Dev and Joanne Leading everyone in song on the Subway

Got back tonight at 10pm from reaching people on the Subways of NYC. Around 7:30pm we walked to the local Subway and caught the "R" train to Manhattan. Instead of sitting and talking, and counting the stops till we got there, we decided to engage the people riding with the love of Jesus. There were many fears we shared in sharing our faith on the subway of NYC, but we stood on the Word that we heard at our commissioning service...."God didn't give us a spirit of Fear, but of power, love, and self discipline" (2 Timothy 1:7)

So we met new people, shared our faith, I brought my guitar and we sang worships songs. Some people clapped, some turned the other way, some wanted to talk, some didn't. But we did everything with God's Love, and with His Story. And it was amazing how fast the time went by. When we got down there, we took the uptown train going back and did the same thing. It was also amazing - the different stories we heard when we got back as to how we reached so many who needed to hear it tonight. Also the boldness of all the students, and how they opened themselves up to the leading of the Holy Spirit!

Here is a story from one of our students. - TRUST ME - THERE ARE MANY MORE STORIES!

Today in the subway i was going to talk to a man to share my faith i sat down and said "hi" he looked at me and turned around. I got up and as I was walking away I said, that's OK i love you and so does God. He turned around and said why do you love me i replayed and said God wants us to love everybody. So he starts talking about how he was a christian and how he started to lose faith, and how he said God didn't love him anymore. i replied well if you try to runaway he will always find you and try to fill your empty heart again. The conversation went on and on, and I was able to remind him of God's Amazing love. So after a few minutes of talking he pulls out a cross out from his pocket, and puts it around his neck and says "thank you" and i say "for what" he replays for putting God back in my life. I was so shocked. And all I can do now is keep praying for him! - Angel Melendez

Please keep praying for us! Tomorrow AM we are going to split up and will be going to two different soup kitchens. We will be serving food, but we will be also sharing our faith, sharing our testimonies, praying for people, and singing to them! Pray that God gives us a good work ethic, and his words to speak!!!

For His Glory and Kingdom (HE IS SO GOOD!)
P. Devin


  1. Angel! Awesome. So great to hear how you stepped out in God's promptings. I'm sure many of you had some other amazing encounters. Praying for you guys.

  2. FYI... not sure why it says Mrs. Fantuzzo!

  3. I saw the picture of you playing a geetar in a subway and MY fear of man was jostled, haha.

    Amazing! Thanks for blogging about this!