Monday, July 26, 2010

Thoughts from Charles Still (Leader)

My testimony for the N.Y.C. mission trip quite simply is that I saw myself and the whole team stretched. For me personally that means God enabled me to let go of my pride and allow Him to use me His way. I was so blessed by our worship that every night I’d go to sleep singing and wake up singing-and that was a huge encouragement because waking up at 5:45 a.m. for kitchen duty is no joke, it helped me stay focus and keep away from complaining.
One thing that blessed me most was to see how God stretched and used the students. They got up EARLY for kitchen duty with no complaints, worked with tenacity and joy. While some of us adults were ready to drop from fatigue, the students kept us going with their never ending source of energy.
What I took from this trip is that God is ready, able, and willing to do the impossible in us and through us if we step aside and let him. I learned that its never about me or my story but God-and his unfailing grace, love, and kindness. I learned that praise before during and after a test/storm, or a scary experience is the best way to go through that experience. I don’t think I will ever forget this mission trip (which happened to be my first). I saw God move in ways I’ve only heard other people talk about.

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