Monday, July 26, 2010

Thoughts from Saleem Burbage

Saleem at VBS on Saturday Am

The time that i KNEW God was Doing something in my life was when we were on the train and the i had to give my testimony. i was immensely scared but right when i said my first word i felt something that i NEVER felt before and as i was going on i was able to say the right stuff and i was able to speak more forceful becasue He honored me by putting some of His holy sprit in me in order to talk the way i did. i wanna give props to joanne becasue she was proberbly even more scared than i was but she overcame that and did God's calling to her by talking to people :-)

I learned that...we shouldnt complain bout our lifes because we could have been like those homeless people but were not because he gave us a great amount of mercy

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