Thursday, July 15, 2010

Work Morning a Sucess

This morning our team split up to accomplish two work projects. One half of our team stayed at NYSUM to help in there pantry and prepare supplies for homeless outreach. The pantry needed lots of organiztion, but our team got right in there and organizated and cleaned the storage area for NYSUM. When they finished that, they helped stuff bags for homeless outreach. Tolietries, shampoo, toothbrushes, and bible tracks so that they are ready for the homeless outreach!

The other team went to a Cerebral Palsy Group Home on a work Project. They had a huge garden that needed to be weeded, and they purchased some new herbs to plant in the garden. Again, it was quite the task, but look at the pictures above. The students worked very hard and when we were done, the garden looked completely different. When we stopped to eat our bagged lunch (ham sandwich and water) the Group home surprised us with juice, soda, and some delicious Chicken!!! We were so excited for the food!

Please pray for us tonight. We will be traveling out on the subway to do evangelism. We will be singing songs, handing out bibles and tracks, sharing testimonies and hoping to share Jesus' love.

Until later tonight,

P. Devin

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